Flat City Preset
Create a city easily!
My Preset Gallery
New plugin with free presets
Easily add presets in your compositions

Learn about my After Effects creation tools!

We created them to simplify your life and save you time!

Plugin : My Preset Gallery
Presets management for AE

Get the Free After Effects plugin to manage your byJC presets collections.

Preset : Flat City Pack
Flat design city vector presets for After Effects

50+ pre-animated items for create your city. Easy to use, easy to customize.

Plugin : Animation Creator
Create animations easily without keyframe

Create advanced input and output animations in a few clicks!

Plugin : Layer Tools
Plugin for manage your layers & other tools

This editing tool will save you time! Arrange your layers in one click and more

Plugin : Comps Tools
After Effects tools for composition editing

This composition tool is very useful! Easily edit the duration of your composition without shifting the layers! Other useful functions included.

Preset : 126 Transitions

126 transitions. FREE After Effects Presets. With live preview. Easy to use, easy to customize.

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